Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kraft BBQ Sauce Bottle Redesign

I was grocery shopping yesterday and noticed that the Kraft Thick 'n Spicy BBQ sauce has a new bottle design. The bottle on the left is the original design and the bottle on the right is the redesigned bottled. The original design wasn't bad, but seemed commercial and bland. The new design is simpler and has a more old timey, rustic Western appeal. The typography choices, color, and layout lend themselves well to the overall feel. I think the redesign works well.


  1. When I'm looking for Kraft items I'm looking for the color blue. The design is nice, but they may be taking a chance of getting lost in the shuffle.

  2. Thanks for bringing up a great point! It is incredibly hard to redesign a brand's identity and have consumers fall right in-line with what they're trying to accomplish. Consumers get used to things and get comfortable with knowing what to expect. Like you said, when you're looking for Kraft, you're looking for blue. I'd have to agree that they are taking a least initially. However, once people get used to the new design, I think Kraft will be just fine. After all, if the Kraft brand is what people like, then the bottle design won't change that.