Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Peak Inside My Process

It's taken me a while to come up with the permanent logo for Aberrant Designs, but alas, I have designed a keeper. That being said, I wanted to give you a brief look inside my creative process and the steps I go through in order to design a logo...and just about anything else.

1. The Mind Map

I typically start out with a mind map. A mind map is a great tool to use to figure out what words, ideas, images, etc. you associate with the name and/or image of the business or individual you are designing for. It also really helps to organize your thoughts and gives you a starting point.

2. Sketch And Sketch Some More

Once I've finished my mind map, I see what words/ideas resonate with me and exemplify the image or message I'm trying to convey with the logo design. From their I start sketching ideas that arise from the mapping exercise. I have only attached one page of my sketches in this post, but have 3 pages of sketches.

3. Narrow Down The Options

After sketching, I look through all of the ideas I drafted up and pick out the ones I feel represent the image of the company or individual I'm designing for. I then create the designs digitally in Illustrator.

4. Choose The Best Design

I take some time to mull it over. I get my client's take and have other people take a look and tell me which one they feel communicates the best. I also do some mock marketing materials/print collateral depending on what the objective is. Then tada! I finalize the design.

5. Design In Context


  1. It really interesting to see your process. Mind mapping is a great technique, I used to use it on a smaller scale with kids with cognitive impairments.

  2. Thanks! Yeah mind mapping is awesome. I've done it since I was in college...between that and journaling, I'm able to get my thoughts out, keep them straight, and bring them to life. I'd imagine that mind mapping would be great for kids (or anyone) with cognitive impairments...the word association aspect of it alone would be beneficial.