Sunday, May 2, 2010

Web Design

Web Design is actually a somewhat new practice for me. Though I have designed websites in the past, I have focused more on advertising, branding, and print design. That being said, I have decided to jump in head first to web design as it is a crucial part of the way companies and individuals do business these days.

Colleenie's Couch
TV, Movie, Books, & Music Reviews

This blog for a client who writes TV, movie, book, and music reviews.

Fake Space Website
For Practice Only

This webpage was developed purely for practice purposes only. Nothing in it is true. I designed the galactic background image and the layout.

Voice For Hire

This is a site that I am working on for a voice over artist in the East Bay.

Aberrant Designs
Concept Site

I am currently working on developing a concept for my personal graphic design website.

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