Friday, July 23, 2010


I saw this article and definitely thought it was worth reposting.


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Brilliant isn’t it? It’s not even in English and most people will understand what it’s about. The great idea is the fact that the tape holds the poster to the tree AND communicates the message.

We are bombarded with so many messages every day that we have to try harder to get our messages across. Many messages are lost. But great ideas get noticed, get talked about, make a difference.

How do you come up with a great idea?

We believe in design thinking. That is, redefine a problem to create the solution. Bob Gill was brilliant at doing this.

For the poster below, imagine the original brief.
‘Create a poster to to publicise a no smoking day’.
Redefine the problem and it will lead you to the solution:
‘we all know that smoking kills, so what single image communicates that non smokers will live longer than smokers?’

Here are some other great poster/ad and ideas.

This article got me thinking...not just about the power of a great idea with regard to design, but the power of a great idea in general. Design thinking and creative problem solving skills are so important and can be applied to so many different situations. If more of the powers that be employed these skills maybe we wouldn't be facing so many of the difficult situations that we're saddled with on a daily basis.

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