Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Design Psychology

Whether it be happiness, anguish, fear, or excitement, what we see evokes an emotional response from us as humans. Design is no exception.

As a designer it is not only my job to promote a brand, product, or company through design, but even more importantly to elicit specific human thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in response to those designs. In doing this, a relationship of sorts is struck with the viewer. Though design is certainly done for aesthetic reasons, there is almost always psychology at play behind the scenes. A note about this, designers should be mindful of the psychology behind color, image choice, font style, placement/layout, etc. when creating a piece. Be it advertising, brand identity, print collateral or website...what you put out there will have an impact and therefore a response. Designers who are aware of the psychology of what they do should be sure not to abuse this power.

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