Friday, August 6, 2010

Blog Designs For Your Viewing Enjoyment

I know that those of us in the blog world are constantly looking for ideas about how to present our material... In the interest of helping out my fellow bloggers, I thought I would share some of my favorite blog designs with you. There are a lot of inspiring designs in this group.

Now, not every design can work for every blog. You have to take into consideration the kind of message you want to convey, what kind of content you are posting, and what personality you want your blog to have. Hopefully these designs gave you some ideas.

If you have a favorite blog design or if you want to submit your own design to be shown on my site, please contact me. I'm always happy to check out new designs. I'd be glad to add your favs to my list of inspiring blogs.


  1. That Le Bloe is gorgeous! My eyes are really drawn to it.

  2. I totally agree Colleen! I love that one too! It's edgy with a little bit of grunge, yet soft and clean. Not easy to accomplish. Good taste! :)