Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Want To Kill These Kittens

What is Quiznos doing?! Their new commercial is WRETCHED! The last thing I want to associate with my food is hairy, deranged, annoying animals...I don't care if they are kittens!

On an ad design note, this is a bad move. First of all, the spot as a whole is annoying. Secondly, you can't really understand what the heck the cats are saying through their high pitched squeal-like voices. Plus, the art direction is not clean, seamless, or easy to look at.

Quiznos was actually doing much better with their "Toasty Torpedo" campaign. It was funny, and sure a little off color, but that's what made you want to watch it. The innuendos were entertaining and the overall message was conveyed well.

To wrap this up...I think the direction of the new Quiznos campaign is a mistake. Hopefully, these commercials won't be aired much more and the ad agency taking care of Quiznos advertising will come up with something better.

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